Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kindergarten Expo

The Kindergarten Expo is just a few days away. If you haven't heard, this Expo is an online event. Here's a quick rundown of how it works....
  • Register online (only $14.95)
  • Sign in (beginning 1/28/12)
  • Watch the presentations by the Experts
  • Get your Freebies 
It's just that simple. The beauty is you can start and stop the presentation at ANY time. If you only have time to watch one presenter, do that, run your errands, do a load of laundry and come back at a later time to continue. 
If you've attended actual "Kindergarten Conferences" in the past, you know the drill. You end up missing one presentation because it's scheduled at the same time as another one. Or on the day of the Conference, something comes up and you can't make it.  With the Virtual Expo you don't have to worry! You can watch them any time that fits into your schedule.  You can attend a great conference in your pajamas! ;-)
Oh, and you can go back ANYTIME and watch the presentation as often as you like!
If you haven't on the image below to learn more and get signed up! ( My good friend, Fran of Kindergarten Crayons will be presenting too!) 

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Anonymous said...

Love this idea...starting and stopping on my schedule!
Yay! I am gonna be there, for sure!